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​​​​​​​​​bigstock-Press-And-Media-Camera-video--84046649.jpg​​​​Wouldn't it be great if every time somebody read about the hottest start-up companies and events they were reading about your company too?

Or if every time people discussed the latest developments on the tech scene, successful entrepreneurs or game changing, industry disrupting trends, it was your brand's logo they saw in their mind's eye?

You could make both scenarios a reality by providing sponsorship to London's hottest news blog for start-ups and entrepreneurs, investors and techies, journalists, hipsters, news addicts, high net worths and business angels.

Main benefits of Sponsorship

(n.b. once a sponsor is found the "HT" will commence a marketing push likely to significantly increase readership / subsciber base details below - full details available upon request)​

  • Prominently displayed Sponsor logo as site header; logo and a clickable link to sponsor site will be included as a top of page banner ad, guaranteed to receive minimum 3k views per month (post sponsor readership estimated 10k views)

  • All posts display sponsor logo; logo and clickable link to sponsor site will be included on every post (top and bottom);

  • Newsletter displays Sponsor logo; logo and clickable link to sponsor site will be included on newsletter which is sent to 150 + subscribers every week (post sponsorship subscriber size estimated 1k+);

  • Post by email subscribers; Sponsor logo and clickable link will be included on email to those subscribers who have requested to receive every post via email - currently 300 + people;

  • Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr outreach; @haggerstontimes Twitter handle has 1,750 followers, Facebook page with hundreds of likes and strong reach, Google+ and Tumblr sharing, LinkedIn;

  • Request up 10 topics for coverage monthly - sponsor can request up to 10 articles each month, covering their business - these could be profiles, announcements, industry deep dives, sector analysis, new products and more;

  • Total exclusivity - no other sponsors will be displayed on the site.

Intangible benefits:

 (We believe the intangible benefits of sponsoring Haggerston Times are as strong, if not stronger, than the tangible ones)

  • Build brand recognition - increase awareness of your brand amongst the start-up, techie, entrepreneurial, investor and journalist community - as well as with everyday readers - crucial for any business that wants to become a credible choice within the fast growing, often lucrative start-up scene;

  • Be associated with high quality content - benefit from Haggerston Times' exceptionally strong, well written and accurate content; benefit from association with top company / investor profiles and have somebody at events willing to talk about you and your products;

  • Be part of the discussion - let digital savvy readers around the world know that you have a strong voice and opinion;

  • Gain a reputation for innovation - being the sole sponsor of an innovative new blogging concept will make your company especially appealing in the ​eyes of start-ups.


About Haggerston Times

Haggerston Times​ is 3 years old. It is updated daily with new stories and exclusives, and contains more than 500 posts; 100+ company profiles, 100+ event previews or reviews, investor / entrepreneur profiles, exclusive interviews, trend analysis, unique insight, and breaking news - the range and relevance of cont​​ent is great for readers and great for SEO - the blog currently receives around 4k hits per month from 3k uniques, on a £0 marketing spend, and is on a strategic path for growth.​

The site began as a pet project for its owner, editor and writer Edmund Ingham (Forbes, Engadget, Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers) as he explored "Tech City" and the London start-up scene but has quickly gained traction and became more public facing as founders, entrepreneurs investors and even politicians began to ask if he could tell their stories.

Edmund is busy writing or attending events almost every day, meeting companies, angel investors, VCs and the media, commenting on press releases, evaluating trends and discussing new technologies and innovations.

Our inbox is flooded with enquiries and now the "HT" is looking for ongoing, monthly sponsorship so we can cover the scene as thoroughly as we would like.​

Previously we ran paid for content and advertorials but we soon realised this can make people suspicious - wouldn't it be better if Ed and the team could provide universal coverage that was free for bootstrapped start-ups, subsidised by larger companies with significant marketing budgets, looking to make inroads into the start-up scene? 

A good sponsor can help us accomplish these goals - and of course there are many benefits for the sponsor.

Further details & pricing

 (sponsorship starts from £1k - take advantage of our exclusive 1 month, half price offer!)
Haggerston Times' current capacity is to post up to 5 short stories (>500 words) daily, or 2 'deep dives' (<1,000);
Topics include (but are not restricted to) company profiles, event previews / reviews, technology insights, breaking startup news, industry trends, venture capital, investment, entrepreneur profiles, crowdfunding campaigns, hot new startups, European startup news, US / Asian / African startup news, tips, advice, strategy, social media, sketches.
Out of a minimum 60, 600-1,000 word pieces published monthly, a sponsor will have the right to suggest up to 10 topics or stories for coverage, 8 of which will be guaranteed to be covered - although the editorial will be independent, the sponsor will be allowed to review these posts and have input. These posts can discuss the sponsor directly, profile key staff, events, look at sponsor's industry in-depth, explain what the compay does etc. etc.

  • 1 month sponsorship special price (first come first served): £1,000​
  • Rolling monthly sponsorship: £1,500
  • 6 month sponsorship: £8,000 (save £2k!)
The online advertsing model is broken; impressions, click-throughs and eyeballs are all well and good but often even the best online marketing agencies' well meaning attempts to get good online media exposure end up pitching your company in inappropriate, misleading contexts, which can do more harm than good.
If you want to find valued, credible customers who will stay with you and continue using and spending money on your product sponsorship of a site you can trust to deliver the goods may well be preferable to the "spray and pray" advertising approach. Much online advertising is unpopular, misdirected and expensive. Sponsorship allows you not only to reach your target audience, but to talk with them, learn about them and build relationships of trust over time.
Take advantage of our trial offer of one month's sponsorship for just £1k, see how it works for you, and we hope and believe you will want to sign up for the longer term.
Thanks for reading - to discuss further drop us an email: or call us: 07967 047030

suggested monthly breakdown of sponsor related articles

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